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Calorad®   (Clinical Studies)

Rena Davis' Clinical Study & Personal Results

"I have probably used the product longer than any other person on the planet.  In addition, I had the good fortune of monitoring more than 300 patients over a one-year period on the use of Calorad®.  I monitored people who ranged in age from 17-years up to 77 years of age with a variety of backgrounds and health histories.  They included people with high blood pressure, arthritis and many other conditions.

Over that one-year period, we each averaged a weight loss of four pounds of fat per month.  I want to stress that we did a lot of testing.  We did hydrostatic weighing so that we would know exactly how much reduction was happening in adipose tissue and how much was actually conversion of lean muscle mass.  Our results were extraordinary.

I want to point out that our people were not placed on a caloric restrictive diet.  They were recommended to maintain a good balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins, to be sensible with their diets and to reduce sugars.  We did not require that they exercise.  So the resulting average loss of 3.75 pounds per month for over 300 people is a pretty phenomenal statistic.

We also found that in the entire group, less than 0.6, or less than 1 per cent, had any loss of lean muscle mass.  And 36 per cent of the group actually gained lean muscle mass during that time.

What got people really excited was the fact that we lost as much in inches per pound as we dropped in poundage.  In other words, for every single pound that was dropped from the body, we saw 3.75 inches lost from the body, and that was pure fat lost without caloric restrictions.

Another thing I liked about the product was that we all tightened up.  We all got firmer, and looked younger.  Calorad® is truly an amazing product.  For you guys out there who have handle bars on the side, most of you will find that in a month or two they'll be gone.  And for us gals, we enjoyed some wonderful things like losing the jowls under the chin and the flab under the arms, and the skin of the thighs tightened up nicely.  So we all thought that the product was pretty dynamic.

I personally took it for almost four years.  I had a child late in life at age 42.  Then after I delivered my son, I started back on Calorad® and lost 38 pounds in one month.  I have virtually no stretch marks, remarkable considering I am a very short, tiny person and my son was 22 inches long.  One of the things I want to ask Michel, is that if we can freeze this stuff, I'd like to have a lifetime supply.

Calorad® is very reliable and very safe.  The only side-effects from the product that we ever found were positive.  Something that I didn't mention and that is very significant in the high-stress environment that we all live in today is that, without exception, there is an attitude change.  Every user experienced a much greater sense of well-being which occurred within the first couple of weeks.

That's a marvelous health point for everyone because if you feel better, then you are inclined to perform better in your life.  In the original study, we saw a number of people begin to exercise, not because they were required to, but because they felt better.

I don't know what the magic is in the Calorad® chemistry.  I'm not sure anyone does, but I do feel that some of it revolves around the quality of the human being who developed the formula.  And that very special energy is Michel Grisť, which I believe is translated into the product.  We've learned in science that there is energy coefficient involved. Michel Grisť is a very high energy human being and I believe that who he is affects the efficacy of the product.

And there still isn't anything out there that works like Calorad®."

Rena Davis, MSc
Clinical Nutritionist

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Calorad® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Calorad® should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and individual results may vary.  The information provided on our website is deemed to be accurate, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.  For the most complete and up to date information about Calorad® please contact the manufacturer.

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